Blood cancer is a condition when the bone marrow begins producing a fourth kind of cell- an abnormal cell. Theseabnormal cells inhibit the operation of healthy cells. Blood cancer causes evident changes in the behavior of normal blood cells. In this article we will try to explain about all about blood cancer.

In the human body, the bone marrow is responsible for the production of new blood cells, which help in fighting off infections and help build immunity. Whenever any kind of disturbance is observed in the functionality of these cells, a decay is observed in the health of the person.

The spongy bone marrow usually creates three types of blood cells- namely, red blood cells (for transfer of oxygen to essential body organs), white blood cells (to look after the immune system) and platelets (to foster blood clotting in case of injuries). Blood cancer is a condition when the bone marrow begins producing a fourth kind of cell- an abnormal cell. These abnormal cells inhibit the operation of healthy cells. Blood cancer causes evident changes in the behavior of normal blood cells.


Presently, there exist three different sorts of blood cancers, and each has a different recognizable symptom and cure.

Ï The first of these cancers is Leukemia. It occurs when there is an incessant increase in the number of white blood cells being produced. Since abnormal WBCs exceed the number of RBCs, a failure in the patient’s ability to fight infections is noticed. Leukemia causes impairment of the bone marrow to such an extent that it no longer produces red blood cells and platelets.

Ï Affecting the lymphatic system, there is another category of blood cancer- the lymphoma. This cancer is frequently observed amongst children. A person subjected to radiation or the one with a sibling suffering from the same condition has reasonably more chances of acquiring lymphoma than a normal human being. The reason behind the occurrence of this type of cancer is the generation of surplus lymphocytes that crowd out healthy white blood cells. Ï The final type of blood cancer, called myeloma, originates when the plasma cells become cancerous. This kind of cancer stimulates weakening in the person’s immunity by blocking the production of antibodies. Adult men are more likely to suffer from myeloma than children. Staying in the proximity of toxic chemicals or smoke elevates your chances of being wretched by myeloma.


Difficulty in breathing, unforeseen weight loss, and persistent joint pain might be some symptoms for blood cancer. The diagnosis is all the more important than the treatment, and hence, any unexplained health decline requires consulting an expert.

Blood cancer treatment in India involves conventional as well as newly-discovered techniques to restore the defiled part. There are several possible treatments, but the one best suited for you is governed by many factors like your age, cancer type, and acuteness of the disease:

1. CHEMOTHERAPY- Involves the usage of drugs that are meant to kill cancerous cells. 2.STEM CELL TRANSPLANT- The first step in this treatment is chemotherapy, which is followed by the addition of stem cells(cells that spark the production of healthy cells) via a drip. 3.RADIOTHERAPY- Entails high-energy radiations ( helps to cure lymphoma) 4.SURGERY- Rarely used, this technique involves the removal of affected subsection from the body of the patient.