Siddha Home Remedies Using Fenugreek

Fenugreek is well known from time immemorial for its medicinal value.  Siddha medicinal system has a number of home remedies that utilises the medicinal properties of fenugreek.  This article details the medicinal properties of fenugreek as well as elaborates a simple home remedy for stomach ache using fenugreek.

Fenugreek has been well known from time immemorial for its medicinal properties.  No wonder there are excellent home remedies using fenugreek seeds in the Siddha system of medicine. 

According to some Siddha texts, fenugreek stops diarrhea, cures hemorrhoids, cures bad breath, soothes itching, cools the eyes, arrests hair fall, cures inflammation, cures cough, cures ulcers… the list goes on.

Fenugreek is used as a digestive aid. Nursing mothers use fenugreek remedies to increase inadequate breast milk supply. Some studies have shown that fenugreek is a stimulator of breast milk production and it can increase milk production three to four times.Fenugreek has a somewhat bitter taste. Recent research has shown fenugreek to protect against cancers of the breast. The liver protecting property of fenugreek is well known.