How to Slay the Dragon

There is a dragon, you know. It’s the dragon of … in your brain is a little dragon with a BIG … keeps telling you, “You can’t build a business … makes you think yo

There is a dragon, you know. It’s the dragon of self-doubt.Somewhere in your brain is a little dragon with a BIG voicethat keeps telling you, “You can’t build a business online!What makes you think you can be rich? Who in the world doyou think you are, anyway – a guru?”And, to make matters worse, there’s your spouse, loved ones,significant other, and friends agreeing with this dragon.And then there’s you, not making any money, or making lessthan you spent or getting scammed in yet one more programthat promised you the end of the rainbow pot of gold.So, what’s a person to do? To begin with, you have to workto slay that dragon. The human brain is a magnificent thing.It will work to find whatever is necessary to fulfillwhatever destiny you program into it. If you are programmingself-doubt, it will work to make that self-doubt a reality.If you don’t believe you can be successful, it will make youdo things to make that a reality.Most of the time, it’s not the programs that don’t work.It’s not the advertising that doesn’t work. It’s the non-belief you have that makes it not work!Think about this: When you were 5 and started pre-school,you were “gung-ho” about school. You couldn’t wait to makefriends, get good grades, learn. Right? By the time you gotto the 7th or 8th grade, you got dissillusioned and yourgrades began to fall. Even if your grades didn’t fall, mosteveryone will admit they didn’t do as well in school as theywere capable of doing. But if you had been mature enough toset your goals and work to make it happen, do you think youcould have done better?This is the same principle. You are what you think you are.If you believe you can be successful, then you will go aboutdoing the things that are necessary to make it so. You willwork to find what you need to know to make it so. Let’s faceit, if you don’t believe in yourself or your product, how inthe world do you think you will be able to convince anyoneelse? If you think you will fail, then you WILL fail! Anyonewho plays an instrument can tell you there are times theyare playing a piece and it’s going really well and theythink, “Wow, I haven’t made a mistake yet!” And what’s thenext thing that happens? Boom! There’s that mistake. Why?Because they didn’t really believe they could play thatpiece all the way through perfectly, so they “made” thatmistake happen without even realizing it!Many of you won’t even believe what I’m writing to you here,and that’s too bad, actually, because it can serve you welland get you started in the right direction. Believe me, I’vebeen there, done that, and I learned this lesson – so canyou! It’s never too late, you know!