Herba life Weight Loss: The Natural Cure

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, prescribes
several herbs that are useful in treating obesity. The article takes a look at
the herbs that are effective in weight loss, and have little or no side effects.

Herbalife weight loss method is best suited for those who
want an effective, yet safe cure for obesity. While the weight loss pills have
several harmful side effects and authenticity of many other slimming products
is doubtful, herbalife weight loss method is a natural cure that has little or
no health risks. Ayurveda,the ancient Indian system of medicine, has become a
way of life in the subcontinent, so much so that virtually every household
keeps and uses its recipes for treating various ailments. Ancient ayurvedic
scriptures like Charaksamhita and Shushrutasamhita have described several herbs
that are quite effective in treating obesity, and ayurveda practitioners have
used these with good effect for many centuries. Besides these herbs, there are
several household recipes for weight loss that are cheap and easy to make and
use since the ingredients are readily available. One tablespoon honey and one
tablespoon lemon juice taken in warm water with a pinch of black pepper is
considered a very effective method for weight loss. Similarly, a mixture of
powered long pepper, black pepper and dried ginger root taken in equal amounts
with lukewarm water helps you reduce fat. Cabbage is also considered effective
in fat burning and one bowl of cabbage, boiled or raw, should be consumed

Herbs effective in treating Obesity:

Nagarmotha, biological name CyperusRotundus, is considered
by Ayurveda as the best ama-pachak, or corrective and remover of endo-toxins
from the body. It has a Lipolytic action to mobilize fats from the Adipose
tissues. Deposition of fats in the Adipose tissues is the main cause for
obesity, thus Nagarmotha helps you lose weight by removing fats.

Kali Mirchi, or black pepper (biological name Piper Nigrum),
is so effective in treating several diseases, including obesity, that it is
virtually an essential feature of every kitchen the world over. It’s
carminative, stimulant, digestive, diuretic, aromatic, and anti-coagulating
agent. It improves the digestive system and removes harmful toxins from the
body. It is used frequently in many household recipes to lose weight.

Triphala: It’s not a single herb, term Triphala itself means
a mixture of three different fruits in Sanskrit. These fruits are
TerminaliaChebula, TerminaliaBellirica, and PhyllanthusEmbellica, often
referred to as the three myrobalans. It is ideally absorbed by the body to seek
out and destroy the free radicals and toxins that cause a number of problems.
It’s considered the gentlest, yet most effective laxative, and has high content
of Vitamin C and other nutrients.

The western world is gradually accepting the fact that the
natural Herbalife weight loss method is more suitable than pills that do more
harm than good, and can be an effective and safe alternative in an era where people
find it difficult to follow a regular exercise or diet regimen.