HCG Weight Loss Drops – Even If You’ve Tried It All

HCG weight loss drops are a promising option for those who’ve done everything. Before thinking about risky surgery, consider this.

When you’re thinking about losing weight, very few options short of surgery are as effective as HCG weight loss drops. By taking these drops six times per day, you can easily lose 10, 35, or even 100 pounds–without the surgery. HCG weight loss drops are made from HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that supports weight loss. Average weight loss is about a pound per day, and the drops are very inexpensive compared to other options.

Dr. ATW Simeons is the medical doctor responsible for discovering the weight loss properties of HCG. It works to heal an imbalance in your hypothalamus that causes you to store excess fat. Under the influence of HCG, your fat is released and moved into your blood stream, causing fast weight loss that’s easy to keep off thanks to your renewed hypothalamus.

Consider This Diet Before Surgery

Before you think about going through surgery or HCG injections–both very expensive–you should think about the perks of HCG weight loss drops, namely the lower cost and no scary knives or needles. HCG drops can be purchased without a doctor’s approval and without all the inconvenience that entails.

Losing 10 Pounds Is Simple

Certain people have been able to lose a certain amount of weight, but have a stubborn pocket of 10 or 15 pounds that won’t come off. Others have just begun to gain weight and want to stop it before it get worse. These people can do a quick 21 day version of the HCG drops plan and lose that weight fast. Even more weight can be lost with a longer round, up to six weeks in duration. Additional courses of HCG treatment can be done later if you need to lose more than 40 pounds.

Have You Tried Everything?

Another category of people that can benefit from HCG weight loss drops are those who are disappointed by past dieting attempts. Some people have tried essentially everything to lose weight but still can’t seem to succeed. HCG weight loss drops have proven to be very helpful for such people.

In order to maximize your success while taking HCG weight loss drops, it’s important that you follow the accompanying diet program. Although HCG drops ensure that your fat is being broken down and moved into your blood stream to give your body the nutrients it needs, you must restrict your calorie intake while HCG performs its healing action on your hypothalamus. Due to the rapid rate at which your fat is being consumed, you will feel little or no hunger despite eating less. This is one of the things people like the most about the HCG diet program.

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