Eat chili help anti-cancer

Recently, the scientists have found that often eat spicy foods which are rich in capsaicin can prevent or control cancer. As pharmaceutical raw materials, capsaicin has been used to treat psoriasis and other diseases, is expected to become a core component of the next generation of anti-cancer drugs.

Pepper’s origin and its history in China: chili also known as Capsicum, originating
in South America. It is an annual herb
Solanaceae. Is a perennials tropical regions in the south. Pepper’s fruit shape
is diversity, Longhorn, ellipse, oval, spindle; peel colors are red, green,
yellow, purple; the spicy is different with the fruit overturned or down to the
other. The pepper’s vitamin C content is the best in vegetables: bright color,
aromatic flavor, moderate spiciness horn peppers in Ningdu, one hundred grams
of pepper content 10.54% protein, 8.2% fat; seeds containing protein 16.83%,
fat 21.15 %, the vitamin C content is up to 172 mg, lysine content is also more
abundant. So people call it bag of nutritional spicy. The chili is warm and
invigorating stomach, insecticidal efficacy, attending to the stomach to spot
present, indigestion, rheumatism, lumbago, mumps, multiple boils swollen
embolism. Capsaicin is also a potential anti-cancer substances, and antioxidants.

The chili has important medicinal value:
The dinner is not fragrant, reduce appetite, put some pepper in the food can
improve appetite, increased appetite. Alone with a little pepper decoction
taken orally, can cure the poor appetite cause by cold, abdominal distension
and abdominal pain. Drink the soup with chilli and ginger also can cure cold;
particularly suitable for both dyspepsia patients.

Why pepper can invigorating stomach and
help digestion? That it contains an ingredient called capsaicin, oral and
gastrointestinal irritation, they are able to enhance gastric peristalsis,
promote secretion of digestive juice and appetite improved, and can inhibit the
intestinal abnormal fermentation, exclude the accumulation of gas in the
digestive tract. Eating proper chili, is good for the people live in damp abode
to prevent of rheumatism and frostbite.

Chili has strong refreshing effect,
according to the study of capsaicin
manufacturer: capsaicin, the chili’s spicy source, can stimulate the
area of the skin and tongue feel pain and heat, the brain produces the spicy
feeling of burning pain. Pepper stimulates the production of endorphins and
serotonin, the “endorphin” is a “pain killer”, it can lead
to emotional upsurge.

Pepper can prevent heart disease: the chili
can promote blood circulation, increase the flexibility of blood vessels,
reduce the risk of hardening of the arteries, help prevent cardiovascular
disease. Pepper is rich in vitamin C, with antioxidant effect, not only can enhance
the body resistance, but also anti-aging.

Who is not suitable to eat chili: chili is a
pungent and hot food, eat more will make inside exuberant inflammation, so those
people deficient of yin should not eat pepper. Stomach problems, high blood
pressure, eye disease patients also not to eat pepper; hepatitis, nephritis,
pneumonia, sore throat, swollen boils patients should eat less. Pregnant women also
should not regularly eat spicy food.