Doctor Tea: An Effective Herbal Weight Loss Tea

Doctor Tea is a natural cure for obesity. The article
enumerates the medicinal properties of various herbs that are used to prepare
this weight loss brew.

Doctor Tea is a natural cure for obesity, one of the biggest
problems of the modern society, where time is at premium and most people find
it difficult to attend regular gym sessions or follow proper diet routines.
Unlike several other weight loss therapies, Doctor Tea doesn’t present any
harmful side-effects since it is prepared from hundred percent natural herbs,
herbs that have been used for centuries by ayurveda practitioners for treating
several diseases including obesity.

A team of experienced ayurveda doctors researched the
ancient ayurvedic scriptures extensively for years and combined its findings
with cutting edge technology to come up with an effective formula for weight
loss brew called Doctor Tea. It’s a blend of several useful herbs and green tea
processed with modern technology using state of the art machinery. Presence of
these natural herbs makes it an effective cure for obesity without causing any
harmful health risks. Its main ingredients are:

Nagarmotha (CyperusRotundus)

Triphala extract

Baibidang extract (EmbeliaRibes)

Tagar (ValerianaWallichii)

Mirchi (Piper Nigrum)

 Green tea


extremely useful herb is found all over the Indian subcontinent and has
different names in different regions, known as Mustak in Sanskrit, Motha in Gujarati,
Nagarmotha in Hindi and Nut Grass in English.

is considered by ayurveda as the best ama-pachaka, or the best corrective and
remover of endo-toxins that has a lipolytic action to mobilize fats in the
Adipose tissues, thus helping in fat reduction.


means a mixture of three fruits from three different trees in Sanskrit. These fruits
are Amalaki (EmblicaOfficinalis), Vibhitaki (TerminaliaBellirica) and Haritaki
(TerminaliaChebula).Triphala is so rich in vitamin C and other nutrients that
it is often used as a nutrition supplement by ayurveda practitioners. It’s the
gentlest and yet a most effective laxative and also is effective in removing


or Vaidanga as described in ancient ayurvedic scriptures, is such an effective
herb that it is used by various systems of medicine with different names:
Baobarang (Unani), EmbeliaRibes(Homoeopathy), Vaivilangam (Siddha) etc.

is considered anthelmintic astringent, stimulant having rejuvenative
properties, and carminative. It is effective in treating cough, stomach
infections and high fever etc.


Tagar is
a very important ingredient. It’s analgesic and is very useful in treating
chronic constipation and flatulence.


It’s so
useful, it’s found in kitchens all over the world. It’s carminative, stimulant,
aromatic, digestive, diuretic, tonic and anti-coagulative agent. It’s re-solvent
and helps alienating fat from the body.


modern research has shown that green tea has excellent antioxidative properties,and
helps boost the metabolic rate of the body without increasing the heart rate.
It prevents the fat deposition in the Adipose tissues helping in weight

natural and effective herbs make Doctor Tea a very potent
cure for obesity, and that too without causing harmful side-effects.