Cancer and diet

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Step 1: Understanding the relationship between cancer and food

Epidemiologists who have studied the prevalence of cancer amongst the different populations of the world have found that diet determines 40 percent of all cancers. The incidence of different types of cancer in different regions points to diet being instrumental in the causing of cancer. Studies appear to disprove genetic determinants, as cancer incidence amongst immigrants to a new country quickly takes on the characteristic incidence of those already living there.

Eating the wrong type of food can increase one’s chances of getting cancer by 40 percent. Eating the right kind of food containing cancer-fighting molecules, such as fruit and vegetables, can make a huge difference. Genetic factors also play a role. It does sometimes happen that healthy young people who get exercise, eat healthily, stay out of the sun, don’t smoke and don’t drink, get cancer. To a certain degree, it remains a mysterious disease, but one, if detected early, that can mostly be sorted out by means of the right medical attention.

Cancer occurs when there is a mutation of the DNA. It is when something goes wrong with the DNA that cancerous cells gain a foothold. Many of the foods we eat that contain anti-oxidants and anti-carcinogenic and other cancer-fighting chemicals, close ranks around our DNA, which prevents cancerous mutations.

Step 2: Adopting new healthy habitsThere are many ways in which individuals can lower their cancer risk by changing their habits:

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