Be your own doctor by using natural remedies

Natural remedies are alternative medicines that are drawn from plants or plant extracts. Natural remedies have been used for centuries or probably since the start of humanity.

They can be of use in order to treat
diseases or any kind of sickness and even prevent them. As a matter of fact,
even mental disorders can find a cure through natural remedies. They are created from a lot of natural sources
such as flowers, berries, tree bark, leaves and even roots.

In the last one decade or so, the popularity of allopathic
or chemical medicines had been rising. However, they came along with a horde of
side effects or ill effects. People these days fall sick very often and taking
these chemical medicines is not good for the body on a longer basis. As a
result, the support for natural remedies and medicines has been increasing at a
very rapid pace.

Natural remedies are simple home remedies and common home
things such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices are used in the process. They
are abundantly available in nature and are the first kind of medicines
available to man. For centuries people have used natural ways of treatment
until the modern, chemical medicines had been invented. But after all the
advancements in the medicinal field, people nowadays still prefer to use
natural treatments over other chemical counterparts.

Natural remedies can be easily found at our own homes and
food stock. There are many pros of using natural remedies. Some of these
advantages are:

drugs that are made by huge pharmaceutical companies happen to be very
expensive as they have to be processed and marketed and all that. Thus, owing
to that factor home-made and natural
remedies are cheaper.

Fresh: since the raw material and the final
medicines used as natural remedies are the same and more often than less
purchased by you, you know how clean and fresh it is and can be relaxed about
the quality.

Easy to get: since all the natural remedies are
basically the fruits, vegetables, herbs etc that we use at home on a daily
basis, finding ones which cure common or minor sickness is very easy. In the
earlier times, people used to have their own gardens where they grew plants and
veggies with medicinal values. However, in the current developed and modern
world, that seems to be hard to do. 
Common home remedies can be found in ginger, thyme, garlic, honey,
lemon, celery, apple and other such food items.

Mild yet effective: unlike processed medicines,
home remedies are clean, fresh and natural obviously. The medical content of
the herb being used is complete and directly attacks the virus. Thus, it does
not leave you with any sort of side-effects or weakness.

Of course, modern medicines are good for major diseases.
However, for common illnesses you should be your own doctor and find your
medicine box in your own kitchen. On the whole, natural remedies are cheap, easy to find and the best available
medicine god made.