All about natural sleep aids

The most commonly used natural
sleep aids would include kava, melatonin as well as valerian. All these are
herbal products.

Kava refers to an
herb that can naturally combat the feelings of anxiety. Anxiety is related to
insomnia, which many people suffer from. As natural sleep aids, kava is
available as a liquid extract, tablet, or even a capsule or beverage. Kava
works as a sedative, by helping insomniacs to fall asleep as well as stay
asleep. It should not be used long term as it can cause severe liver damage.

Other natural
sleep aids would include melatonin. It is basically a naturally recurring
hormone in the human body and helps to regulate a person’s sleep cycle and wake
cycle. This is an obvious choice as natural sleep aids. Melatonin is available
in capsule or tablet. It is to be taken 30 minutes just before going to bed.

Valerian is the
next herbal product in the natural sleep aids category. It is available in
tablet, capsule, even tea or liquid extract. Valerian has to be taken an hour
before going to bed.

Typically, most people
think of popping a sleeping pill when they need sleep aids. With the benefit of
years of sleep studies conducted around the world, our way of thinking about
sleep has changed a lot.  The sleep aids today
come in many forms. Hence you will be able to find one that is bound to work
for you.

Research has
shown that you will get the restful sleep that your body needs once your
sleeping quarters are dark.  It may sound
silly, but dark curtains are an amazing sleep aid.  Curtains that are thick and dark help to
block out all of the light pollution present in most modern cities.

Ear plugs are another
form of useful sleep aids for those of
us who live in the city.  Some people, who
don’t like the feel of ear plugs, can attempt to drown out bothersome noise by
using a fan, music, or even some machine that plays white noise.  Sound pollution can be as detrimental to a
restful sleep as light pollution can.

Remove the clutter
from your sleep area in order to improve the quality of your sleep.  Clutter tends to have a stimulating effect on
the brain. This is not what is wanted when it is time for bed!  You need to clean your sleep area in order to
create a restful and relaxing environment to wind down and allow your body to
prepare for sleep.