Affordable Housing becomes Green With Hemp

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Your Own Home

Affordable Housing becomes
Green with hemp


the housing market is not only a challenge for first time buyers, but also for
conscious consumers wanting to take care of the environment while still being


now legal industrial hemp licenses
available in many countries around the world, Growing Your Own Home has never
been easier!


to long-time industrial hemp expert Paul Benhaim, “just one acre of land is
enough for you to grow a crop of hemp that can be converted to a regular
looking building on that same piece of land”. He goes on to say “and we are not
talking rustic homes, but regular looking solid council approved buildings”.


new eco friendly buildings are built by regular builders, and don’t require
specialist designs, though the developers recommend solar passive designs that
take advantage of the thermal mass offered by the hemp walls.  As well as residential and commercial hemp projects,
simple renovations are possible.


now you had to import materials to be sure of a standard building product.
Previous versions of similar technologies commonly known as ‘hemcrete’ or
‘hempcrete’ have also required processing of hemp in large factories. Hence
this technology has not been fully sustainable, until now.


new technology developed over 10 years by Klara & Marton Marosszeky Professor
of Construction Innovation at the University of New South Wales allows simple
harvesting of hemp that makes use of the whole stalk to create a building
material that has excellent rodents, fire and insulation properties. Although
an option, no rendering or finishing is required (you can colour through the mix)
and all local materials can be used in what is becoming the leader in the
latest trend in environmentally friendly building techniques.


Klara is currently hoping for a project to
see some genuine and direct outcomes for the Indigenous people of Australia in
regards to Affordable ‘home grown’ housing. South
Africa and Trinidad have
also showed interest in this technology.


Klara Marosszeky and Paul Benhaim have just launched their
findings in a new book on Building with Hemp which includes a detailed
construction manual. To support professional builders, self-builders,
renovators and eco enthusiasts Klara and Paul will personally share this
technique at workshops around the world in 2011 starting in Canberra, ACT from February 2011.


 Did You Know?:

Hemp improves and regenerates soils

Hemp may be sustainably farmed without herbicide
or pesticide

Hemp sequesters carbon – grows in 100 days,
sequesters 11ton of carbon/ha, 1-2t carbon stays in soil as organic carbon,
100kg can be stored in the hemp masonry.

Hemp is breathable – 75% of allergies including
asthma are due to moulds in buildings. Moulds are prevalent in conventional
masonry because the material does not breathe.

Building with hemp is waterproof, fireproof,
rodent proof. Affordable, sustainable & local. No need to render, paint,
insulate. Can look like any other building.